Ostro Roofing can undertake a range of services to restore your roof. Light services include cleaning and moss removal, rust treatment, and fixing dents in tiles and sheets. More intensive services include leak repairs, full tile or sheet replacement, repairing or replacing flashings and fixings, hip repointing and the application of Kowhai Coating Systems.

Although our core business is roof restoration, we also offer roof replacement and can offer an unprejudiced/unbiased assessment of your roof.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Restoration VS Reroofing

Restoration is a cost-effective option and once restored may give you another 15 years depending on the state of the roof tiles. A roof isn’t always suitable for restoration, the tiles may have deteriorated to the point they cannot be saved and will require replacement. In this case, we will make recommendations for repairs or replacement.

Can I repaint my roof? Will this stop it from leaking? This will depend on the surface the coating will be adhering to. If the surface has severe rust or is a metal roof that has had multiple coatings previously then recoating may not be possible. Coating the roof does not make a roof leak proof if the roof needs repairs or replacement.

What are the most common causes of leaking roofs?

  • Broken/split, damaged or displaced tiles
  • Holes in the tile
  • Failed water channels
  • Damaged Flashings
  • Guttering issues

Can I do anything with my roof if it contains asbestos or does it need to be removed and replaced?

A roof with asbestos materials can most definitely be restored.

The asbestos present in some decramastic tile roofs was used in the tile as a heat dispersant. This was considered best practice in the 1970s and early 1980s. The type of asbestos used is non-friable asbestos. The Roofing Association of New Zealand has shown data to the Government that there are no respirable asbestos fibres present in the decramastic tiles even when cut or ground. In terms of your safety, there is no risk of inhaling asbestos as outlined by RANZ.

The Work Safe guidelines allow for the removal of less than 10 square metres of decramastic roofing materials in order to repair decramastic tile roofs. This covers us for the removal of tiles when required on site.

Do I need insurance while you’re working on my roof?

We always recommend clients have their own insurance. It pays to check the current coverage you have with your house and contents policy, additional cover may be needed such as contractors insurance.

Are any issues with the roof that arise after you’ve worked on my roof covered by your warranty?

That would depend on the nature of the issue. Any issues relating to workmanship and product application yes. Any issues outside our control or unrelated to the work done by us, no. A full copy of our terms and conditions is available on request.